• This is a project that your organization can do for the kids in your local area on juvenile probation and their families.
  • This is just a simple and straightforward idea.  I am going to write it in a bullet point format.  Just the main points and you can show this idea to anybody you want.  I did it with a Youth Organization and it worked well.  I am writing it the way I think it should be after different small problems I did have
  • Be a non-profit with proper Insurance whose members want to help kids who have had some problems with the law and are on juvenile probation and who need community service hours for court.
  • Recruit at least 12 volunteers from your Organization.
  • Adopt a street or roadside in the County where your Organization meets.
  • Go to Juvenile Probation with 20 flyers to give to the person who runs the office.
  • Have them put the flyers in the Juvenile Probation Officer’s Office Mailboxes.
  • The flyers should simply state that you are a non-profit and that you have a group of volunteers who are going to be at a specific location where you have adopted a street every Saturday for the next two years for 5 hours a Saturday supervising kids on probation who need community service hours while they pick up trash.
  • 2 years is the suggested adoption time for most municipality groups who assign street adoptions by organizations.
  • Make sure to have 3 volunteers there with trash bags, gloves, neon vests, trash grippers and hardhats.
  • Make the kids bring their own lunches.
  • Do not give the kids rides.
  • Do not ever be alone with any juveniles.
  • Always stay within eyesight of your other 2 volunteers on the scene.
  • Sign some form or paper with your logo or contact information certifying that each kid did however many hours of community service hours with your organization on the day on which they did the community service.
  • Have a BBQ for the kids and parents once a month so they can meet members of your Organization.  This is a good way to recruit new members and show them that you care about the every day issues in their lives.  This is a missionary type of project.
  • I suggest not preaching at participants, but it’s your thing.  It works better from my perspective to help people with their community service and then invite them to whatever you have going on the rest of the week at the end of the day and at the BBQ you hold.

Thanks for reading about my project idea.  There are approximately 4343 round about Counties in the United States (Boroughs and Parishes rather than Counties in some areas).  You can really reach a large group of people who need a new spiritual influence in their lives with this type of project.


James F. Polk

the 4a2j.guru project – for access to justice – for the kids – for the world

welcome to the site. you will never regret getting involved.

thanks for visiting www.4a2j.guru . working on a local level we can change the nation and the world.  for the world – going global by going national by local artists and professionals supporting local community service for kids in their communities who are on juvenile probation.

You do not need to join LegalShield to be on this page. What I need is for you to have a website that is not an exact replica of mine, make a YouTube video that has www.4a2j.guru in the title plus whatever else you want so YouTube and Google can index it and then I will embed it and put a link button below your video to your site. I ask that you just somehow in some meaningful way show on your website that you are a part of www.4a2j.guru. simple.

Everything on this page below this is a few different substantially similar explanations of the project.  As I recruit more talent, I will be removing my explanations.  People will just get this movement of spirit.  This is a thing that ultimately supports a national community service project for kids on juvenile probation.

The Rap Industry Has Some Artists Who Support Access 2 Justice:  Check out their videos and their Personal, Business & LegalShield Pages below their videos:  (this is going to go viral and is free advertising ultimately, just tell people to go to www.SmallClaims.LA and click Rappers 4 A2J)

Don’t confuse us with the similarly named project from Chicago Kent, though I owe them a debt of gratitude for not allowing me to use their software, I have made a free alternate for the whole public because of the motivation that specific NO gave me.  They were polite but the answer was no.

this is our first remix artist supporter. sabimixx is from Germany, and isn’t sure if he can be a LegalShield Independent Associate, but he and I communicated and my project resonated with him the same way this remix resonated with me. I have never quite found a 2pac remix that i have liked more (troublesome OG 96 was my favorite until this one) than this. I am placing a link button below this video to sabimixx’s youtube channel and you can check out his other social media pages. support this guy because he supports us and this is going to help kids on juvenile probation.