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This is my new video on Expert Law Systems, Legal Service Industry Websites, 3rd Party Legal Advice Marketing Businesses with whom you can affiliate, Unauthorized Practice of Law and how to avoid it, affiliate marketing using auto affiliate links, lawbooksforless, rocketlawyer, legalshield, WPEngine, CJAffiliates (CJAffiliate), cognitoforms,, the WPClub, RedShelf Ebooks, CALDA, a whole gamut […]  is my affiliate link to the RedShelf e-book store. If you type “philosophy of law” there are a great set of e-books you can buy, including this one by Immanuel Kant for $0.99!

check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers to date

I have several papers written about Counterterrorism and Criminal Justice Issues.  I am putting links to them below this e-Book that I have for sale through my affiliate e-Bookstore.  You can click the picture of the book and it will take you to the e-Bookstore where you simply have to type in “Counterterrorism” to be […]

These are some more titles. These deal with societal ideas in currency and thought trends that are controversial.  You can find my “Redshelf eBooks” button in the column on every page of www.SmallClaims.LA.  It takes you to my affiliate landing page and you can type in any book you are searching for.  Type in any […]

Buy Law Books From www.SmallClaims.LA – I have Law in a Nutshell! Law In a Nutshell is a great series: Individual Titles Usually run around $40 The total cost is $3,199.95 You can buy them from ME through my Buy Law Books Link on every page on the site, or by clicking here. – This […]

I make ridiculous Facebook posts and ridiculous LinkedIn posts and ridiculous BLOG posts all through www.SmallClaims.LA/blog/. I post about selling “vices” because it is a simple attention getting method. Buying an e-Book through my e-Bookstore found in the column on most pages of this site “Redshelf eBooks ” is what the button to the store […]

Buy “Illegal Drugs” for kids on juvenile probation! Click here to go to my e-book affiliate store, and just type the 2 words “Illegal Drugs“.  All of my sales support the project for kids on juvenile probation!  Buy the e-Book “Illegal Drugs” if we want to change our nation, we need to start where the problem […]

Buy From My e-Bookstore!  It helps me fund the project for kids on juvenile probation in all 5000 Counties in the USA!  Check out both links in this post.  – Thanks  

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