Category Archives: CARE ABOUT THIS WILL YA PLEASE Help kids on juvenile probation by going to the website, getting onto the Facebook Project Page, Sharing the website and Facebook with your friends. Help me deliver free cement skate ramps to cities who cannot currently provide a cement park to their kids. We are going to deliver them by flatbed truck and […]

check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers to date http://—-escape_sem_autolink_uri:e2a1f8dac53d5a87ac7414323ba07775—-/check-out-all-of-my-counterterrorism-and-criminal-justice-papers/ http://—-escape_sem_autolink_uri:e2a1f8dac53d5a87ac7414323ba07775—-/check-out-all-of-my-counterterrorism-and-criminal-justice-papers/

  This is Devils, Deals & the DEA  by David Epstein, ProPublicaDecember 17, 2015 just a note, there was a man who was an unpaid informant who gave his life for our world.  he lived in a van in Tiajuana.  read this tale.  it’s real. check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers […]

This is a great video.  These guys are talking about how they are not against the Cops the way the Murderers who killed several Officers in Dallas obviously were.  They are talking as a group of men involved in the Gangster Rap Industry who came from the situations they rap about.  They talk about how […]

I have several papers written about Counterterrorism and Criminal Justice Issues.  I am putting links to them below this e-Book that I have for sale through my affiliate e-Bookstore.  You can click the picture of the book and it will take you to the e-Bookstore where you simply have to type in “Counterterrorism” to be […]

     The easiest way to help kids who are getting into trouble is to adopt-a-street with your Local City, go to your local County Juvenile Probation Office and give them a letter from your Community Group (religious or non-religious, anything that is a non-profit type of business) and ask them to send you kids […]

  I might be WRONG!  I know you never thought you would hear me say it.  And you didn’t.  Have a fun time proving I typed this.  -JK.  Really, I might be wrong, but I felt like Stephen Hawking was not saying that there is no God in his book the “Grand Design” the way […]

I make ridiculous Facebook posts and ridiculous LinkedIn posts and ridiculous BLOG posts all through www.SmallClaims.LA/blog/. I post about selling “vices” because it is a simple attention getting method. Buying an e-Book through my e-Bookstore found in the column on most pages of this site “Redshelf eBooks ” is what the button to the store […]

Buy “Illegal Drugs” for kids on juvenile probation! Click here to go to my e-book affiliate store, and just type the 2 words “Illegal Drugs“.  All of my sales support the project for kids on juvenile probation!  Buy the e-Book “Illegal Drugs” if we want to change our nation, we need to start where the problem […]

Buy From My e-Bookstore!  It helps me fund the project for kids on juvenile probation in all 5000 Counties in the USA!  Check out both links in this post.  – Thanks  

This is a generic picture that I can add your website domain name into or a #YourCause title in white over the black rectangle.  It will show up on my www.SmallClaims.LA blog, and I will give you a link.  I sell LegalShield because I am a Legal Document Assistant and as such am authorized to […]

This is a request from Cori Shumacher, Carlsbad City Council Member: REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE from Oceanside High School Shelter: Diapers Bowls for dog food / water Animal Crates Water / Drinks Pillows Breakfast Items Wipes / Sanitizer Snacks Please drop off these items at 1 Pirates Cove Oceanside, CA (Oceanside HS). This request was given […]

Page 944 of the Perkins Boyce “Criminal Law” Hornbook that all First Year Law Students read gave me one of the unifying principles upon which my business activities are based.  What this page talks about is the willingness of Juvenile Prosecutors to work with people in the community who care about kids and through whom […]

No kidding.  Escondido is building a Free Cement Skate Park!  You can be a part it.  It has been in the works for some time and now is the big reveal.  The city is made up of us.  We are Escondido.  I love this City’s Official Government, but I am talking about us the people […]

Check Out Bad Religion Online.  My CLU Systematic Theology Professor, boss at Westlake Lutheran and friend Jarvis Streeter once drove me to one of our Church weekend retreats, and I left this CD in his car by happenstance.  He did what Jarvis did, he read the table of contents.  He read the lyrics and said […]

Leonardo and Clodovis Boff are Catholic Priests in Brazil.  Both are Professors and Liberation Theologians.  They wrote this book in 1987 when I was in the 3rd grade not dealing with anything but neighborhood political issues pertaining to dirt clod throwing and not finishing my vegetables before desert and being grounded from playing nintendo.  The […]

I did a bit of walking today, and capitalized on a bit of annoyance I caused last night.  I made this little postcard today with the new domain name I made for one part of my business. is a little landing page blog with a link out to some other content about Identity Theft […]

This is such a blast from the past.  This is a letter I wrote after working on a project with Chris Sterr, a Kingsman.  I joined the Marines right after this, but this was part of what went into the formulation of the plan that has become the “Pink Button” NAOLDP Juvenile Probation Community Service […]

Click Picture Below -> enter information for free postcard of picture! You know me, you love me, you trust me.  Do this for your Family.  Let IDShield Smash Evil that lurks online to steal your identity.  It is real and it is online and all around and IDShield is the solution.  Identity theft is so […]

IDShield is great! It is only $10 a month for an Individual Personal Plan and $20 for a Family Personal Plan. For an additional $20 a month you can also sell IDShield as a LegalShield & IDShield Associate. What more helpful of a small ticket item with an enormous set of benefits could you possibly […]

If you have ever felt like this guy looks then you have been through a set of situations which have left you feeling like you don’t matter to anybody.  Well, you matter to me.  You matter to the Attorneys at the Partner Law Firm who partner with LegalShield.  For $20 a month you get unlimited […]

Not sure if the Herlihy Boy did any of the things that his agent guilted people over, not like Parker would do any real yard work anyways, lol.  Tell me if you think the idea at the end of this post was his or mine? If you know my buddy Parker, he and I have […]

1. When I was in Kindergarten, I did not write my ten sentences one at a time from left to right but I would write vertically one letter at a time because it was a more streamlined process and I could focus on that one letter without transitioning to the next letter. Jon Ran Up […]

Drawing in Website Visitors, Client intake and avoiding UPL are the purposes of www.Documatic.Website. Drawing in Website Visitors, Client intake and avoiding UPL are the purposes of www.Documatic.Website. This article by Mark Lauritsen entitled “Liberty, Justice, and Legal Automata” is one of the best papers ever written about the concepts of legal client intake for […]

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