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check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers to date check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers

  This is Devils, Deals & the DEA  by David Epstein, ProPublicaDecember 17, 2015 just a note, there was a man who was an unpaid informant who gave his life for our world.  he lived in a van in Tiajuana.  read this tale.  it’s real. check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers […]

I have several papers written about Counterterrorism and Criminal Justice Issues.  I am putting links to them below this e-Book that I have for sale through my affiliate e-Bookstore.  You can click the picture of the book and it will take you to the e-Bookstore where you simply have to type in “Counterterrorism” to be […]

Tennessee v. Garner: a discussion of the changes in the any fleeing felon rule: no obedience without fear of death. – a paper by Polk, J.F. The following is a block quote from the Tennenbaum Journal article referenced below.  I go on to write my opinion about the dichotomy of views of the public expressed […]

Illinois v. Perkins: Miranda, Undercover, Incarceration, Fundamental Fairness. – a paper by Polk, J.F. ​1990 saw a Supreme Court battle over the constitutionality of the use of undercover officers inside of prisons.   Illinois v. Perkins redefined the rules of and specifically the application of Miranda v. Arizona.  Miranda, coercion, and the 5th amendment were the […]

Orwellian Media Hype About Militarization of Police. – a paper by Polk, J.F. I think that there is a largely hyped up media scare about the “militarization of police”.  “What does the term even mean?” is the first thought that comes to my mind.  I was a USMC Reservist Tank Mechanic and we had a […]

Graham v. Connor:  lethal force to effectuate arrest of non-dangerous felon violation of 4th amendment. – a paper by Polk, J.F. Graham v. Connor is a very interesting case.  It is a rejection of the due process standards of evaluating police use of force, a re-analysis of the Johnson v. Glick standard and also a […]

San Bernardino, Apple and The All Writs Act. – a paper by Polk, J.F. The public has heard many different views, issues, thoughts and concerns in the media about the constitutional issues surrounding Apple and the FBI’s use of the All Writs Act.  One of the main critiques of the popular media is encapsulated by […]

Riley and Warrantless Cellphone Searches Incident to Arrest, SITA. – a paper by Polk, J.F. Riley v. California has clarified the rules regarding warrantless cellphone searches incident to arrest.  Riley was initially convicted based on information obtained through a warrantless search incident to his arrest.  Photographic evidence from the phone was used to qualify him as […]

U.S. Counterterrorism Bureaucracy. – a paper by Polk, J.F. The United States has developed a very large sub-area of bureaucracy within its normal bureaucracy as a response to terrorism.  Not all of these government offices were begun after September 11, 2001, but a significant push for preparedness has occurred since the Al Qaeda attack on […]

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