Enforcement of Judgement

Enforcement of Judgement Services Los Angeles County

Before I get into the meat of explaining how Enforcement of Judgment works, let me first mention that LegalShield offers a Family Membership for $30 a month and $20 every month after which provides its members with a whole stack of benefits, inclusive of but not limited to advising on how best to approach enforcing your specific judgment as a judgment creditor.  80% of all Small Claims Judgments go unenforced because it is the responsibility of the judgment creditor to enforce the judgment that the court gives them, not the court itself.  This article will help you, but it is still advisable to speak with an Attorney.  Only an Attorney can give legal advice, and with a LegalShield Membership, you are entitled to unlimited number of legal advice phone calls with your Partner Law Firm as a part of your Membership.  You are also entitled to a 25% preferred member discount off of hiring your Partner Law Firm to represent you in an Enforcement of Judgment Situation if it becomes too difficult to enforce your own judgment.  You can see an overview of LegalShield and IDShield at my personal LegalShield Associate Website www.JamesPolk.US.  You can purchase a membership there or at www.LegalShield.com/hub/jamespolk.  Thanks, and please feel free to share this website with anybody you know who has a judgment in the state of California.

Enforcement of Judgement Services by James Polk

Judgments are not enforced by the court. You must enforce your own judgment or hire an attorney to do so. You can also sell your judgment. I provide information about Enforcement of Judgment and have a list of items on my Enforcement of Judgment form that I can complete and file on your behalf. You have to choose which Enforcement of Judgment technique to use, though.

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