Help me build like 5000 cement skateparks through my organic network along the lines of the plan on the Tony Hawk Foundation website and we can also network with the network!

These are old videos from when I was going hard in the paint about Skate Thru Life.  It’s still mine, been mine, couldn’t figure out how to forward the domain to YouTube but thought it was forwarded, so to my shagrinish, not really I love fighting in court and online, and any other way, don’t test me, some kids have some skate thru life sites up.  ready for the bully DMCA takedown, we had a CA State Trademark.  Done Dada!  take your skates and go home.  anyways, just so you know.

This is just really funny.  I guess somebody got arrested at some point with one of the Skateboard Decks I sold them either directly or to somebody else who sold it to them.  I couldn’t be tickled more pink than this.


This is a link to a Cal Lutheran Alumni with whom I did a little skate boarding activity on one of the campuses where he was Principal at the time.  He would let the kids skateboard on campus in a designated area with supervision for about an hour and a half a few days a week.  They loved it and him so much.  He gets moved around different schools inside of the LA School District and what he does is turns around massive behavior issue trends.  It is pretty funny what he does sometimes, has to make a real big example out of the worst kid the first day by calling all the worst kids into his office and then taking the biggest baddest one into the office and shuts the door and then booom!  he just lays into the kid and the kids outside the office start shaking and the kid comes out crying.  this is an exaggeration, but spread the legend.  Anyways, check out this project he did.

check out this papa roach song – American Dreams to me is about the same type of disillusionment that I am working to keep from negatively affecting our youth.