Small Claims LA WP Club

Check out my affiliate program that pays out $15 for every $20 lifetime membership purchase through the affiliate link I will issue you (I said I will pay $2 for the people you sign up’s people they sign up, but I currently am not set up to track that and so therefore am not offering that, just $15 for a $20 lifetime membership sale).  Here is the Affiliate Registration Link (I said it was through ShareASale in the video above, but it is not yet).  I have to manually email you your tracking link and it takes me from 24-48 hours to get it to you.  I am working on making it automatic, but one nice element of doing it this way is that I get the chance to write you a personal thank you message.  So here’s an early thank you.  – James

Thanks for checking out the WP Club!  Lifetime Membership is $20, it is chock full of resources to help you launch your WordPress Website for the Legal Services and Related Industries.  If you like what you see on the website, want a website like I talk about, but want me to build it for you, check out 11 reasons why, the blog I wrote about the website I will build you.  

This is where you can learn everything you need to know to build your own online legal services business website.  Whether you are a lawyer, a legal document assistant, a process server, a notary or any type of professional who needs to showcase their writing and who deals directly with the public with respect  to some sort of legal document, a membership with us will give you a whole set of resources that will help you build your perfect legal industry or related industry WordPress Business Website.

Lifetime Membership is $20 and includes access to pages with simple and easy to follow instruction on the following:

  • Which hosting platform to choose.  Simple set of best options.  You have some that cost as little as $5 monthly, and some that are just over $100+.  In general, unless you have a large enterprise website in mind, these will suffice.
  • Reviews of different 24-7 tech support options.
  • Lists of 3rd party software useful for different industry purposes.
  • Lists of 3rd party tutorials on how to integrate different document automation processes.
  • Instruction on how to affiliate with useful 3rd party businesses that sell services and/or products related to the law industry.
  • Checklists for each main legal service industry profession to help you organize your business filings, registrations, professional associations, etc.
  • Resources for hiring any type of freelancer you might need to help you launch different website elements or projects down the line.
  • Reviews of the most helpful and common sense WordPress Themes for the legal service industries.
  • instruction on how to build your own conditional logic client intake form to give your client a simple way to provide you with automatic specific direction as to how to complete their documents.
  • Marketing resources, programs, websites and techniques.
  • SEO resources, programs, websites and techniques.
  • Options for purchasing business launch legal advice and services for your business.
  • Options for purchasing ongoing legal advice and services for your business.
  • How to sell law books from the sidebar of your website
  • How to sell legal advice services from the sidebar of your website.
  • How to setup a popup or the less visually bothersome sidein email capture window to build an email list from your organic website traffic.
  • Shopping cart options and payments from your clients (including instruction on how to separate earned and unearned fees into business and trust accounts)
  • How to sell e-books if appropriate for your website.
  • List of general legal issues to be aware of.
  • Good reading resources about how to avoid unauthorized practice of law
  • Good resources on different issues regarding when to disclaim different important disclaimers depending on your legal area of focus.
  • Instruction on how to write good pages and blogs
  • Writing with SEO in mind.
  • How to write to grab your visitor’s attention.
  • How to dial in your blog post so that it populates Facebook properly when you or anybody shares a link to your site, and to specific individual pages.
  • How to choose outbound links from your website to to third party and government websites to improve your website’s credibility.
  • How to write a homepage.
  • How to write an about page.
  • What to include in a services page.
  • Helpful plugins to download and install in your WordPress Hosting Account.
  • Blogging  101
    • writing
    • seo
    • marketing
    • monetizing
  • Social Media Techniques
  • RSS
  • How to make your website mobile friendly.
  • Creating your menu bar and sidebar
  • Creating your header and footer
  • Good YouTube channels to pay attention to for ongoing teaching on internet issues.

All in all we give you a whole ton of value in one place that is worth well beyond the $20 you pay to become a lifetime member.   – James Polk