Hello, My name is James F. Polk.  I help people with Small Claims and Enforcement of Judgment Legal Documents in LA County and all of CA.

Below are some resources for filing in Small Claims in LA County.  The LA County Bar Association has a really good clinic and the LA County Court System has an online portal for filing most Small Claims.  If you are unable to file using either of those free services, or cannot use their services for any other reason, please let me know and I will help you file in Small Claims.  I bring the Bar and the Court up first to help you save money.  I charge $300 to file a Small Claims file, but that includes the filing fee, my legal document assistance fee and also $100 towards service of process which just means officially notifying the person you are suing that they are being sued (For all small claims matters filed in Van Nuys, you must serve all named defendants with the Los Angeles County Consumer & Business Affairs Department’s Online Dispute Resolution flyer).  I also include 5 Enforcement of Judgment Document Processes in with the $300, but you have to pay for the filing fee, any recording fees, any sheriff’s fees, and any required service of process.  I will help you complete the proper forms for your Enforcement of Judgment for the included price of $300.  I also do the same thing for $300 if you used any other service to file your Small Claims Complaint and now have a Judgment you need help with.  I also buy judgments on a discount contingent assignment basis, which means that if you have not been able to collect your money, I will contract with you to pay you 50% of what I can collect contingent on my actually being able to collect after you assign the judgment over to me.  This is a very standard deal for the industry, it is just that I think I work harder and give up less easily than some of the rest of the judgment investors out there.  Please contact me if you need anything whatsoever, I will help you directly if I can, or I will refer you to somebody who can.  – James F. Polk