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Small Claims Legal Document Assistance – LA County & All of California

My name is James Polk and I am the Senior Legal Document Assistant who manages www.SmallClaims.LA.  I have a BA in Religion from California Lutheran and my Paralegal Certificate from the University of San Diego.  What I do is provide self-help services at my client’s specific direction.  This means that I have created a website that gives every bit of information that I could think of to put together from my research, experience and from different direct government websites all about Small Claims for my client’s benefit.  Small Claims is designed to be a less formal proceeding for people who have important but less precise and complex causes of action.  The idea is that a public citizen is given the opportunity to present their case before a judge and to have a judge give them a ruling without them needing the complex formality of an attorney compiled case file.

My website is intended to give the Small Claims litigant everything they need to, if they choose, complete their Small Claims paperwork 100% on their own without my help whatsoever.  If you need legal advice I sell LegalShield Memberships on my website www.JamesPolk.US, they cost $35 the first month and $25 every month after.  You are entitled to unlimited number of legal advice phone calls with your Partner Law Firm as a LegalShield Member.  If you would like my assistance in completing your forms, I don’t charge a lot to help my client’s put their paperwork together.  I give information through my website  to cut down on the amount of time my clients have to spend reading and wrapping their minds around the Small Claims process because most people are very busy and this is what I do for the public day in and day out.

I love knowing that I have provided the public with the information they need to file their Small Claims file 100% on their own.  Enjoy the process!  Many people opt for doing it all on their own.  If however, you are too busy to read everything to file 100% on your own, please contact me so I can provide you with legal document assistance.

Another great reason on top of the efficiency of time and accuracy is the fact that once you go to court and when the judge rules in your favor and you become a judgment creditor, you on your own must do what is required to enforce your judgment.  The courts do not enforce judgments for you.  This is a little fact about the civil litigation system that not everybody knows.  I will follow up with you after your court date to help you with enforcement of judgment and wage garnishment document assistance.

Enough about the technicalities.  I hope I have given you a sense of how hard I have worked to simplify the Small Claims process and experience and to help you ultimately put the money you deserve back into your pocket.

James Polk  —  LA County Ind. LDA Reg. # 2017038148