I am not an Attorney, I am a Legal Document Assistant who is recruiting 58 California Attorneys to each be the only showcased Small Claims Attorney in their County on www.CAsmallclaimsLawyer.com.  I will provide discounted LDA services if these Attorneys refer their Clients to me after advising them.

james polk owner small claims LA

I believe this to be a viable and lawful business model.  I need to recruit 58 Attorneys, 1 for each County in California to be the showcased Small Claims Attorney for their California County.  I want to be the Legal Document Assistant you refer clients back to and it is probably preferable that the Attorney be a Civil Litigation Attorney who currently outsources their Small Claims Cases.  I currently run www.SmallClaims.LA  as a Legal Document Assistant.  I am unsure if Running and Capping issues will arise, along with UPL issues with a business model where I maintain www.CAsmallclaimsLawyer.com with 58 County Outbound Links to an Attorney in that County who advises the client and then refers them to me as a Legal Document Assistant because of guaranteed prices given to clients of the 58 Attorneys.  I believe there to be a lawful and ethical way.  I am not an Attorney and I am still sometimes taken off guard by some Attorney Ethics Rules and UPL issues.  Ideas I come up with in good faith with only the Consumer, Ethics and Lawful Behavior in mind from time to time violate some form of Ethical Rule.  That’s why this is not an advertisement of a business, but an open invitation to California Attorneys who are interested to leave me a message in the form to the left with your Name, Phone Number, Email, Bar Number, and a Message about anything they like pertaining to the business idea.

I do not care if you do not have a huge and impressive resume.  I care about a synergy of business energy.  I know you can rise to the occasion.  Probably some recent law school grads with licenses can be their County’s Attorney on the site and do their advising work with a 5-10 hour commitment weekly.  It could just be an advertising page for you and I will just commit to low enough prices on Legal Document Assistance to make it almost invariable that your clients will choose me as their LDA.


James F. Polk, LA County Ind. LDA Reg. #2017038148

p.s. You can also be an Attorney contact in you County for the www.4a2j.guru project for kids on Juvenile Probation.  Click to see the website. Just being a part of it makes you a Champion of these kids and their Families.  There’s no way to know how much evil we will prevent by supporting these Families in one of the most difficult time periods they will ever go through.

p.p.s. I also have an idea for a citizen’s initiative that you can maybe help me with.  I would like to add Writ of Replevin as the 5th enumerated Small Claims Equitable Remedy. Read my blog post for more information.