This is the list of attorney written brochures I can send you based on your need.  Just let me know which ones you would like to read through.  Free of charge, I am simply required to email them to you and not make them freely downloadable.  

advance health care directives durable power of attorney  |  business enterprises  |  ca annulment  |  ca child custody

ca name change  |  ca process serving  |  ch 7 bankruptcy  |  child support  |  civil  |  collect your family law judgment

conservatorship  |  deeds and other title documents in ca  |  dissolution  |  estate planing  |  eviction proceedings

filing a small claims proceeding  |  guardianships  |  lda business contract  |  lda v paralegal

overview of establishing a parental relationship  |  probate  |  qualified domestic orders and joinders

restraining orders for domestic violence  |  small claims  |  social security disability

spousal support  |  summary dissolution  |  visitation rights of grandparents