Resources to help you with writing your own demand letter or to help you find an Attorney to write one for you:

Here is an Example of the Demand Letter that the Court Utility Above will Produce.  It will definitely suffice for saying in good faith that you demanded payment.  The reason I mention LegalShield and a Limited Scope Representation Attorney as well is that you have a greater degree of probability of being paid when an Attorney writes a Demand Letter for you because people are afraid of Attorneys.


The Letter Text:

March 8, 2018
Via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation
Mr. Someguy SirName
1234 Another Street
Anytown CORN, 91100
Re: Demand for Payment
Dear Mr. SirName
Please be advised that you owe me the sum of $7,777.00 because his check for doughnuts
This will be your only chance to settle this matter before I file suit against you in Small Claims
Court. I am agreeable to a lump sum payment, or to a payment plan. Please contact me on or
before March 18, 2018 for purposes of settling this matter. If I do not hear from you on or
before March 18, 2018, I will file a lawsuit against you without further notice. It is in your best
interest to settle this matter before a lawsuit is filed. If a judgment is obtained against you, it
will negatively affect your ability to get credit, you will be ordered to pay court costs, and you
will incur interest at a rate of 10% per annum.
Based on the foregoing, I expect payment in the amount of $7,777.00 made payable to me,
Adifferent Street, FunnyName CORN, 91100 no later than March 18, 2018. (I can be reached
at: (Telephone: (657)234-2232).) If you decide to ignore this demand for payment, I will further
pursue all of its legal remedies without further notice to you. This letter serves as evidence
that I have attempted to resolve this matter informally.
Tony BagOfDoughnuts
Adifferent Street
FunnyName CORN, 91100
(Telephone: (657)234-2232)