digging through the trash and writs of bodily attachment video

Digging through the trash and writs of bodily attachment video

This is my digging through the trash and writs of bodily attachment video and blog.  Digging through trash to gain a financial snap shot of your judgment debtor is a technique that is available in some municipalities.  Usually there is some other more civilized and more clean way, but hey, having a trash system itself is a very civil thing and therefore digging through trash with a high mind to follow municipality ordinances with respect to when trash is in the public domain and therefore not trespassing is consequently a civil thing to do.  You could alarm some homeowners who feel that it is their right to use violence against you, so definitely be careful, ask the local law enforcement about any municipal rules as to the public domain of trash, probably work with a private investigator if this is a strategy you feel you need to employ.

This is a link to a good article by the LA Times on the subject.

In some municipalities it is lawful to look through the trash on the curb because in those municipalities it no longer belongs to the resident of the house.  You should check to see if there are any local laws governing he practice.  You can find good information about a judgment debtor this way.  It is hardly ever used, but it is possible.  Another thing that you can do is petition for a writ of bodily attachment if your judgment debtor does not show up for the judgment debtor’s examination.  What this means is that you petition for the writ of bodily attachment based on the judgment debtor’s act of civil contempt.  This is not common and is not really done in LA County, but neighboring San Bernardino County is an example of a County that has a standard writ of bodily attachment form.  Take this writ to the local law enforcement and it will cause a warrant to be issued and/or is used as a warrant.  This is not a debtor’s prison tactic, this is a bodily attachment based on civil contempt.

The difference between a debtor’s prison and a civil contempt bodily attachment writ is based on the triggering event.  In our nation, we do not have a debtor’s prison, there is therefore no triggering event that will cause a person to be incarcerated for debt.  The writ of bodily attachment has as a triggering event a judgment debtor’s failure to show up at a court ordered judgment debtor’s examination.  This failure to appear is civil contempt.  The judge has the power to issue a writ of bodily attachment.  I do believe that a judge has the power to issue a writ of bodily attachment is the County of Los Angeles, but it is not on any of the LA County standard forms, and I believe LA County Jail to be very overfilled as is without people who just owe money and won’t show up to an examination.

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Thank you for reading and watching my digging through the trash and writs of bodily attachment video

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