My websites are $3000 to setup, and $100 a month.  My own Small Claims Legal Document Assistance Website is the Example Website, www.SmallClaims.LA.  You can make yours like mine or very different.  We start you with 10 pages, a blog, a header, a footer, a sidebar, an email.  You have to purchase your own custom domain and we connect it all for you.  From there I will help you build out as many pages and blog posts as you want to create.  You have unlimited number of pages and posts.  It is always good to not get too cluttered, but everybody wants to build differently, and what is clutter to some people is a display of academia and intellect to some other people.  This is YOUR creation.

You can add a link out to your own LegalShield Associate Webpage if you want to become an Independent Associate, but you are definitely not required to.  LegalShield is a good Membership for our Legal Document Clients because Members are entitled to unlimited legal advice phone calls with their Partner Law Firm starting at $25 a month for a Family Membership.

This business is a pure non-lawyer legal document assistance business in California.  These websites are for non-lawyers and lawyers alike in all 50 states.  The main non-lawyer tool that I use is a cognitoforms conditional logic client intake form which allows you to make a statement about a legal process coupled with a question and then answer options each coupled with a statement that picking each specific answer options functions as your client’s specific direction to you as to which form to fill out with the rest of the then asked for information.

You can sign up for a cognitoform through my link on www.MyForm.Shop and just start toggling around with the conditional logic program.  Check out www.MyForm.Shop to see some of the individual elements of a, and write me an email about any questions you have so that I can help you see how conditional logic can help you in business.  I am big on using conditional logic client intake to avoid UPL for the non-lawyer.

-James Polk. Founder Documatic.Website &

      • 5-8 pages
      • clean template
      • your choice of color theme
      • header
      • footer
      • sidebar
      • privacy policy & terms of service do not subtract from 5-8 pages
      • blog  (you can turn blogging into a good source of traffic)
      • unlimited number of pages can be created on your own or with my help or one of our designer’s help
      • 3 sales funnels (I can show you how to make your own beyond that)
      • affiliate & associate options consulting (LegalShield, RocketLawyer, LawBooks4Less)
      • outbound link consulting
      • bing and google accounts setup & keyword research and 5 ads written (You can do keyword research using SEMrush too.)

    • help narrowing the focus of your scope of writing
    • help determining other professionals to link to
    • SEO optimization of WordPress settings
    • domain name selection help
    • social media consulting
    • All for $3000 and $100 a month.
    • Automatically enrolled in the affiliate program.
    • Perfect for embedding your conditional logic website visitor automatic document selection and completion program which coincidentally is FREE, and $5 a month to remove the small logo.
    • I really recommend The Hoth for SEO and your other marketing needs beyond your basic Search Engine Marketing.  They can also help you adjust what I help you put together.  Check them out on the banner link below, it is my affiliate link and they pay me if you use them through my link.  You can use them on any website that you may have created with another service too.  I appreciate you using them through my affiliate banner link.

That’s what I do for you. I put you into your business’s most essential marketing activities for $3000 for the website setup, $100 monthly for website hosting, $25 monthly if you want to sell LegalShield, $zero, $20, $50, or $100 for my stellar intake form ($100 subscription gives you a $500 discount off of a Documatic.Website), and I recommend you spend $300-$600 on search engine marketing.  

– James Polk, Founder www.Documatic.Website &