lots of free and low cost tools. www.JamesPolk.guru

because i use a permanent forward for jamespolk.guru to https://www.smallclaims.la/free-and-low-cost-lda-web-tools/, the fiverr link only opens up from https://www.smallclaims.la/free-and-low-cost-lda-web-tools/, and you might need to highlight, copy and past https://www.smallclaims.la/free-and-low-cost-lda-web-tools/ to your browser, but please do it because if myForm.shop and jamespolk.guru or any of my videos have helped you, clicking this fiverr affiliate link will help me keep the doors open because they pay me like $14 if you use enough of their freelancers.  thanks.

Fiverr fiverr can help you so i put this banner here to help you find the freelancer you need.  you can contact me about anything you need help with and i will point you in the right direction.  james f. polk – james@smallclaims.la  — check out www.myForm.shop – james polk, the guru of pointing people to the right gurus.

Thank you for signing up and purchasing from the businesses below.  I am affiliated with most of them.  I really appreciate you signing up through my affiliate links on this page, it helps me to continue offering low cost LDA and Website Services to the Public and other LDAs.


You can buy a website from WP engine below and make a page like this.  Just copy my strategy and sign up for your own ShareASale as well as ClickBank accounts. The links on this page are by and large from these two affiliate sites and some are directly from the individual link sites. Buy a website from my link below, I sell the documatic.website geared towards different professionals, but it can be used for anything really.  I like affiliate marketing for the simple reason that it is simple and allows me to point out high quality products to the public, products that I use and that I know other people will like as well.  You can make one of the documatic.websites or one of the WPengine websites into any type of site you want.  I will help you.  I suggest using ClickBank and ShareASale as affiliate networks and then going from there.  Leave me a message through my website if you have any questions.  Click here to leave a message.

These web tools are tools that I use on www.SmallClaims.LA.  They are very useful within the Legal Document Assistance Industry.  They are useful to people of many other industries as well.  They are marketing and client intake and payment utility programs, web design programs, etc.  Anybody who feels this style of website and these tools will work for them is right, they will.  If you have a website already, you can still use these tools.  I really recommend CognitoForms below for anybody wanting to make a dynamic client intake form.  Some of these are free, some cost money.

documatic.website by james polk owner small claims la

My documatic.website – I talk more about it further down the page.  I will help you build out a wordpress website for your non-lawyer business.  Brennan Green from Front Street Media is the Web Designer and I help you with all the non-lawyer issues and help you start building your own pages and blog posts.

It is $1000 to setup & $100 a month.  I start you with 5-8 pages and then build about 10-15 more for you, but as I build these 10-15 more, I work with you to show you how it is done in it’s basics, and how to make a nice looking blog post then the reigns of the thing are yours.  There’s no diminished amount of help I will offer you then and you don’t have to worry about calling me or emailing me all the time for help with any project, that is my favorite part of this business, helping you get to new plateau after new plateau.  You can find the video explanation below also embedded on www.myForm.shop along with more resources for law industry and related industry professional websites.  The main non-lawyer tool that I use is a link to a cognitoforms conditional logic client intake form which you can access for free through www.myform.shop in the upper left corner by clicking my affiliate button, or just below my video below this post.  CognitoForms allows you to make a statement about a legal process coupled with a question and then answer options each coupled with a statement that picking each specific answer options functions as your client’s specific direction to you as to which form to fill out with the rest of the then asked information.  It is really cool how it works and www.MyForm.Shop is a free place to start with all of this.  Once you click the cognito button on www.myform.shop, down and to the right there is a “forever free” option so that you can sign up for a cognitoform through my button on www.MyForm.Shop and just start toggling around with the conditional logic program.  This is actually what I really want you to do, check out cognito forms for free by going to myForm.shop and write me an email about any questions you have so that I can help you see how a conditional logic client intake form can help you in business.  At that point, you can decide if you want a super nice WordPress documatic.website inside of which to embed your conditional logic form.

I can finance the $1000, but you have to put $500 down and then pay $200 a month for 5 months at which point your payment goes down to the normal hosting and customer service of $100 a month.  This is no interest financing because I am building you into colleagues, you are not clients to me.  This is how I intend to build my “National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals” non-profit association.  www.NAOLDP.org

CognitoForms (This Utility Has a FREE Level That Is Amazing!)

CognitoForms is amazingly intuitive and user friendly.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  I am not sure how to impress upon you how central CognitoForms is becoming to the Legal Document Assistant Industry.  The reason is that it keeps us from commiting acts of Unauthorized Practice of Law.  The way is through it’s basic conditional logic functionality.  Depending on the answer to one question, you can encode this program to ask a different next question.  This can be used in document automation by asking one question, in that same question square adding the pertinent informational statement required to make the client’s answer serve as their choice of specific direction options to you.  You are not giving the client advice in so using this program.  I explain that there is a different form that I will fill out on my client’s behalf depending on the answer choice they choose.  I make sure the client knows the name of the form which corresponds with which answer choice.  A simple example is asking if the client would like to subpoena a 3rd party to bring documents to their Small Claims Court Date and explain that if so an SC-107 is required and I will fill it out with the requisite information based on their answers to the next set of questions that pop up only if the answer to the subpoena question is yes.  Simple isn’t it?

Brenan Green Owner of Front Street Media – the designer who helped me build my site!

Brenan can make anything in the world for you.  You have to contact him about his prices.  The link above is a contact page that sends him an email from my website.  If you want to contact him directly and just let him know you found out about him through James F. Polk of SmallClaims.LA, that is fine too, his website is frontstreetmedia.com/ 

Though not Free, You can’t find anything better for less of an initial outlay.  Lots of support and resources!

WP engine – websites for professionals

Affiliate with WP engine through our site

Again, James is the Maverick!  As the leader of the National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals (www.NAOLDP.org), you can trust that he has WP engine on here because it works for so many people so well.  NAOLDP is about helping the professional, not building it’s coffers.  Just because www.documatic.website is a website offer, doesn’t mean that it is exactly what you want.  Everybody has different ideas and needs, so check them both out.  

If you buy a website through WP engine, come back to this page and let me help you with a CognitoForms conditional logic client intake form.  CognitoForms is free and has a $10 and a $24 upgrade.  Also, I will still help you with your Legal Document Professional issues on your website.  I can also provide you with the same help I would give you if you bought through www.documatic.website for  $50 a month.  Just send me a message.  As an Industry Leader in the Legal Document Assistance Industry, I care about you and your business.  This is more of a Mission than a Business in that sense.

“I am a huge proponent of using CognitoForms.com as a conditional logic client intake form because if used how I teach, the client intake form is all you need to avoid UPL and it functions as your legal document client’s specific direction to you as to which forms to fill out with what data.  This helps non-lawyers avoid giving legal advice.”

-James F. Polk


What can I say.  Russel Brunson has put together THE marketing program of all marketing programs.  It costs $97 a month or $297 a month.  If you can swing it, pay the full $297.  You set up a sales funnel, and actionetics sets up automatic actions after optins and backpack helps you set up your own affiliate program.  I use this program for my website clients because with the full version you get unlimited number of sub-accounts to set up sales funnels for your clients as a marketer.  I am an LDA, a Web Consultant and a Marketer, so this program is indispensable for me.

Sign up for an account for $97 or $297 a month.  It is beyond worth it.  Don’t be the only kid on the playground without one.

Also, a really good way to learn how to use ClickFunnels is by clicking this link to Russel Brunson’s Affiliate Bootcamp Competition.  Stick with the daily plan outlined in the Bootcamp and before you know it you will have a working knowledge of how this program works.


clickfunnels rules by james polk owner small claims la and 4a2j.guru


OptinMonster is amazing.  It is a “popup” utility for any website.  It works very well with WordPress websites like the one that I put together for my website clients.  There is a plugin for WordPress.  It is way more than just a “popup” program.  It has exit technology (ex. when your mouse gets close to the x close button of a window, the “popup” pops up and asks a visitor to leave their email for a newsletter, or however you design the popup).  One of the best features of this program is the replacement of the irritating “popup” with a “sidein” which only edges into the website screen and does not cover over what the visitor is seeing.  It is a very effective and friendly way of using “popup” technology.  There are content locker functionalities, different types of popups, and AB Split Testing of the different functionalities.  This is what I use to build my list of interested individuals to whom I send my www.SmallClaims.LA newsletter.  It can link over to pretty much any automatic email program.  The basic level is $108 for the year, the next level is $216 for the year and the highest level is $324 for the year.  It is a cost effective list building utility.

ShareASale (FREE to Affiliate and Make Money!)

This is a cool little element to add to a website.  No matter what you do with your website, you can mention to people that they can affiliate with different businesses through ShareASale and that if they sign up through your affiliate link (mine is above) you earn a little cash.  So just thought I would mention that if you sign up through my affiliate link, I will earn a little cash.  This site has a whole ton of different high quality affiliate links you can sign up to place on your website.  Definitely check out ShareASale and please don’t forget to make sure you sign up through my link above.

ClickBank (FREE to Affiliate and they have so many products you can affiliate with to place links on your website and get paid ultimately!)

The Juggernaut who basically was the first HUGE name in affiliate marketing.  Definitely sign up through my link above.  I only get paid if you become a Merchant who recruits other affiliates through ClickBank.  You can affiliate with tons of different merchants through ClickBank and place a little link on your page.

Affordable CLE (for your yearly MCLE requirements to maintain your LDA registration)

This is a great little MCLE deal.  It is all online and you watch hour to two and even up to 5 hour MCLE lectures from Attorneys and Law Professors as well as other relevant professional experts.  They lecture on their field of expertise and you simply have to write down the embedded code that pops up at different intervals during the lecture.  At the end you enter the code or multiple codes into the website dashboard portal and it gives you a .PDF MCLE Certificate of Completion to download.  This will fulfill all of your MCLE requirements.  When I used it last year, it was $99 for unlimited number of courses.  I completed 59 different courses because they are so interesting.  The courses are from 1,2,3 and up to I think 5 and 6 credits.  There are Ethics units that the law requires too.  These work for Attorneys, Paralegals and LDAs.  The lectures are mainly San Diego area Attorneys and a bunch from USD Law School.  Happy learnding (yes, a Simpsons joke).

LegalShield Independent Associate Business

If you are a Legal Document Assistant or any of the other titles of our same profession in any of the other States other than California, there is every reason in the world for you to be a LegalShield Independent Associate.  We cannot give legal advice as non-lawyers and so selling our clients a LegalShield Membership gives them unlimited legal advice phone calls with an attorney at their Partner Law Firm for $20 monthly for a Family Plan.  It costs $20 monthly to be a LegalShield Independent Associate and there is an additional $20 for LegalShield Advantage which gives you a whole set of landing pages to send clients to using Prospect by LegalShield.  Thare is also Build Lasting Success which is a 3rd party marketing website approved by LegalShield that gives you a CRM and email and text platform different than Prospect by LegalShield, and incorporates whichever landing pages you want from your LegalShield Advantage accessed Prospect by LegalShield set of landing pages.  These additional tools are very helpful and I highly recommend them, but they are not required.

LegalShield Membership

I mention LegalShield so many times throughout my website that I hardly have to explain here that a LegalShield Membership entitles the Member to Unlimited legal advice phone calls with an Attorney at their Partner Law Firm which is the jumping off point into all of the additional benefits of being a LegalShield Member.  Click the link above to hear how exactly it works.  A LegalShield Family Membership is $20 a month.

James F. Polk’s www.Documatic.Website!

James is the Maverick!  As the leader of the National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals (www.NAOLDP.org), you can trust that this website is what you want if you are a non-lawyer who prepares documents directly for the public.  $1000 and $100 a month for a documatic.website that I will start you on with 8-10 pages, a sidebar, a menu, a header, a footer, an email, a blog and show you how to build out yourself.   You get continual help from me and also from veteran web designer Brenan Green from FrontStreet Media out of El Dorado California as a part of your monthly payment.

I am a huge proponent of using MyForm.Shop as a conditional logic client intake form because if used how I teach, the client intake form is all you need to avoid UPL and it functions as your legal document client’s specific direction to you as to which forms to fill out with what data.  This helps non-lawyers avoid giving legal advice.