Below is a list of many links to different resources having to do with Small Claims in California, Unauthorized Practice of Law Ethics, Mechanics Liens, etc.  They are produced by Government Entities, Reputable Outside Sources and Me, James F. Polk, LA County Ind. LDA Reg. #2017038148.  

Small Claims & Other Related Articles – by James F. Polk

A Very Interesting set of Topics Relating to Small Claims:

A Note about LegalShield:

I need to make sure that I impress upon my readers the absolute requirement that a Small Claims Plaintiff first demand payment or equitable relief from the Small Claims Defendant before they sue in Small Claims Court.  It is mandatory that you let somebody know that they owe you money or equitable relief before you sue them in Small Claims.  It is the unauthorized practice of law for me to write a Demand Letter on your behalf because I am not an attorney.  As part of a LegalShield Membership, your Attorney at your Partner Law Firm will write you a Demand Letter.  They will also advise you on any issues which might make it appropriate to sue in Limited Civil Court, or even Unlimited Civil Court.  There are quite a few reasons why it is a good thing to talk with an Attorney before filing a Small Claims Lawsuit against another person.

LegalShield is $30 for the first month of Membership and $20 every month after.  It is a very helpful membership which provides a whole stack of benefits including but not limited to: unlimited number of legal advice phone calls with an Attorney from your Partner Law Firm, phone calls and letters written by an Attorney at your request, unlimited number of contracts and documents up to 15 pages reviewed by an Attorney, creation of and updating of a will, 60 hours every year of court time if you are sued, your immediate family is covered too with a family plan.  Your LegalShield Partner Law Firm can also help you enforce a judgment once you win in court.  80% of Small Claims judgments go unenforced because it is not the job of the court, a judgment creditor must enforce their own judgment and most people are not able to.  LegalShield will help you and will drastically increase the odds of you getting paid.  For a 14 minute video presentation of the benefits of a LegalShield and an IDShield Membership, please check out my personal LegalShield site www.JamesPolk.US, you can purchase a membership through this site and also through  Thank you and please feel free to share this website with anybody you know who might want to file a Small Claims Complaint in the State of California.