Humor, Politics and Conspiracy – By James F. Polk (a brief synopsis of the conceptual overlap)

This is the most brief blog post of all time.

Humor: 2 scripts that overlap in an unexpected way causing the brain to produce laughter at the ridiculous synthesis necessary to reconcile the seemingly unreconcilable.

True Politics: The Haves creating a solution that moves the Have Nots to the Status of Haves.  Creates JOY the way Humor creates LAUGHTER.

Conspiracy:  The underworld or a group acting as such working in a way so as to fool those above the surface into never noticing the illegality of the group actions of the Conspiracy.

My Favorite Comedians Ever.  This Playlist is Beyond 😂 hilarious.  Without further ado…VAN & MIKE (property of comedy central)

CONTEMPORARY LINGUISTIC THEORIES OF HUMOUR – by Kirkmann about Koestler, Raskin & Attardo

Conspiracy Theories – by Sunstein and Vermeule

check out ALL of my counterterrorism and criminal justice papers to date

check out this papa roach song

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