I believe in the benefits of Indexed Universal Life.

I believe in this business.

This business believes in me.

More importantly, this business believes in you!

Indexed Universal Life Insurance – Way more than just death benefit.

I got into selling Indexed Universal Life Insurance because of the fact that LegalShield is considered to be an insurance product in 14 of the United States.  That lead me to a desire to understand and be involved in the Insurance Industry because what I was selling people was the idea of insuring themselves against the high cost of legal services as a LegalShield Independent Associate.


 I realized that if my people wanted to insure themselves against one set of bank busting life eventualities, then these same reasonable people probably concurrently would want to insure themselves against the high cost of their own potential future long term health care costs, plan for retirement and also make sure that their loved ones are taken care of in the potential eventuality of the loss of their life.

Life Insurance is a complex Industry.  I focus on one product and that is Indexed Universal Life.  The long and the short of how IUL works is this:

  • -You pay between a low and a high allowable monthly payment.
  • -There is a cost of Insurance that has to be subtracted from that payment amount every month.
  • -The remainder becomes your cash accrued value which compounds upon the S&P 500 Index.
  • -The S&P 500 Index is the Standard & Poor’s Index of the top 500 Large Market Capitalization, Publicly Traded Companies in the US.  Large Market Capitalization Value means that these companies each have over $10,000,000,000.00 in liquid assets.  Not mom and pop companies.
  • -There is a floor percentage and there is a ceiling which the policy holder is guaranteed as a rate of compound interest.
  • -The series 6 & 7 side of the house invests the life insurance moneys in these S&P 500 companies and makes a profit for the policy holder and themselves.
  • -The Insurance and Securities sides of the house have the same Parent Company.
  • -I am on the Insurance side of the house.
  • -Rather than pull out your cash accrued value on your account the thing that you can do with IUL is borrow at a very low percentage from it.  Since loans are not income you avoid taxes.
  • -If you also opt-in to the Long Term Care Supplement (which you should), you are entitled to use a portion of the Death Benefit (which normally goes to the beneficiary survivor named in the policy) every month to take care of your long term care expenses should you have a long term care medical need yourself.
  • -When you pass away, your named beneficiary survivor receives the death benefit minus any long term care amounts that you had to use.
  • -You never have to pay back the loan that you took against the cash accrued value on the account.
  • -That’s it.  Simple and different than you though life insurance worked isn’t it?

I can sell you an Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy.  The law pertaining to this transaction is that I can sell you a policy through my associate but since I am still working on my California Life and Health Insurance License, the company has to keep my commissions aside and will pay me once I finish my licensing requirements.  There is no violation of the law in this arrangement.  This business is a great business and if you like the basic explanation above and want a policy or if you want to join the business and explain exactly what I just explained above to other people and become a Life Insurance Agent, I will get you on board and connect you with a training group in your home area.


James F. Polk

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