Just let the boy water your lawn!

Not sure if the Herlihy Boy did any of the things that his agent guilted people over, not like Parker would do any real yard work anyways, lol.  Tell me if you think the idea at the end of this post was his or mine?

If you know my buddy Parker, he and I have been talking about a little idea that may or may not be feasible.  Parker has been looking at having to change living situations.  We have a good buddy with whom he has been living for a number of years and his life is taking him in a direction which is making it so that he will no longer be able to watch over Parker.  Most of the people who read this BLOG know that when Parker was a kid, he was hit by a car on Bear Valley and lost a portion of his frontal lobe.  If he has ever not controlled his voice at you with some joke you didn’t think was funny or perfectly timed, well that’s why.  If you didn’t know, this might be an aha moment.  That’s the little dent on his forehead, where he lost part of his Brain.  TBI is a thing these days in a way that it didn’t used to be due to all the military personnel  returning home with the same exact physical situation.

Parker doesn’t have a Military personality.  Parker is a stand-up comedian of sorts.  He is very humorous and we all can recall a time when he had us rolling on the ground laughing.  He is looking at a situation where he may have to live in a home where he can be watched over more thoroughly.  He is so charismatic and outgoing though that he isn’t sure if he will like living there due to some of the more serious conditions of some of the residents.  Parker is very high functioning as an individual who deals with TBI on a daily basis.

The idea is to get a group of over 50 families together on a weekly rotation and also buy Parker a small motor home so that we can each take a week to drive his home to our home and take turns watching over our friend for just one week a year.  A week with Parker can be a pretty fun time.  Believe you me, being his neighbor behind the street he lived on as a kid gave me some insight into that.  If you would be interested let me know.  If you think it is a good idea let me know.  Most importantly, if you know Parker and his situation and think it is a bad idea, please let me know.

Since I am anticipating a barrage of responses, will you please leave only the following worded responses:

  1. Interested, Call Me: (###) ###-####
  2. Good Idea
  3. Bad Idea
  4. I have a different idea.  Call Me: (###) ###-####



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