Limited Scope Representation

LegalShield Members for $20 a month are entitled to unlimited legal advice phone calls with their Partner Law Firm, which is ostensibly the exact same as a Limited Scope Representation Attorney, except for the fact that an LSR charges approximately $150 for one half hour consultation advising you how to take care of your own legal issue.  LegalShield will do that, but it is a monthly membership payment of $20.  Some people don’t want to have a recurring payment, so I still include this information on LSR.  I also know the Attorney from the Limited Scope Law Group above and he is a part of the Elias Referral Network who is connected to my professional organization CALDA.  The Elias Referral Network and CALDA have changed our entire industry and I am always going to include our traditional resources even though I am big into LegalShield as an Independent Associate who mentors other Independent Associates and sells Memberships every single day.  The Limited Scope Law Group is great.