“Reason and Evidence Destroys Socialism, Therefore Socialists Destroy Reason and Evidence. And that, is called Postmodernism” – Stefan Molyneux –2000 words for Shultz

Good prompt Ryan Shultz!  Here USB my essay.

This writing prompt came from Ryan Shultz at my open request on Facebook for a writing prompt coupled with a promise to write 2000 words. 




So my first thoughts about this topic are along the lines of Francis Schaffer’s focus on the death of antithesis in the postmodern age.  In his book, “the God who is really there” Schaffer talks about how we have traditionally had a dialectic type of paradigmatic cultural mindset with respect to truth.  Things have traditionally been slcinsidered to be right or wrong and if we start with a thesis and procede with traditional Hegelian dialectic from thesis to antithesis we can then arrive at synthesis.  In postmodernism Schaffer sees an obliteration of the first step to antithesis.  I think this is what the above quote is pointing to, this obliteration of antithesis.


I don’t think that any society or government system is a pure capitalistic system not are any pure socialist systems.  What we have is a continuum between the two with a mixed combination somewhere in the middle.  Take the concept of GOVERNMENT itself.  If humans had to do on our own everything that government does, it simply would not happen.  Nobody can on their own so what a large group can do.

Mos people have heard it talked about that we are moving beyond the era of government and into the era of corporations.  Is this a move towards more capitalism or is this just the new form of government. Competition for limited resources is one thing, creation of new never before thought of resources is the direction we are headed.

No matter whether you edge towards the capitalistic end of things or the socialistic end of the spectrum, no man is an island.  I do think that we have to understand the concept of vocation as aa full time set of activities we do for ourselves and others that we would do for no money and each issue our personal gifting, strengths and abilities rather than rely on a handout from government or from corporate productivity.

The truth sets us free from either extreme, it sets us free to meet more towards the middle.  This is no sloppy new age idea.  Who the hell is a pure captalist or a pure conservative or a pure liberal or pure socialist.  To be any of these things would be to Ben purely greedy, to fully fight against the essence of reality, to be completely chaotic or to completely unjust.

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