I buy judgments at a 50% discount on a contingent basis.  Cash buyers buy at a 75% discount off of the face value.  I know 50% sounds like a lot, but it is the industry standard.  I can go over the specifics of how a transaction like this works.  Leave a Message and I will get back to you. – James F. Polk, Judgment Investor

P.S.  It is just me and a small group of people who want to split profits with me by sharing the cost of enforcement of judgment activities.  No huge operation, just mainly my know how as a small claims and enforcement of judgment legal document assistant for the past 3 years. The idea is that if 100 people invest in 100 judgments and any few of them go unenforceable no one person is out all of their money.  We also have a greater probability of enforcing a larger percentage of our judgments as a group.

If you are having a hard time enforcing a judgment, you can sell the judgment because it is personal property and can be assigned to a new judgment creditor of record.  I have a FREE 27 PAGE PDF DOWNLOAD on this page: “How Small Claims and Enforcement of Judgment Both Work in California” as well as my “Quick Guide to Enforcing Your Own Judgment”.  Further down the page I have a link to the documents I will sign with you to purchase your judgment and assign it properly at court.

In the documents is contained my promise to use diligence in making a good faith effort to enforce the judgment you assign to me.  Selling a Judgment is not the same as hiring a collector.  I am not a collector.  You and I are transacting a judgment on a discount and contingent basis.  I will explain more if you ask.  It is a pretty straightforward and standard type of transaction.