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The basic idea is that the complaint is filed where the real estate is, the contract was signed or the incident occurred.  The choice of venue isn’t supposed to be a weapon against the other side to make it inconvenient.  Choose with the other person or party in mind and you will do well.

The specific rules of which court to file in are on the following LA County Page (click here)

On the day of court, make sure to dress nicely.  Wear business work attire.  Treat it as if you are your own Lawyer going to Court for yourself.  Nobody but you can represent you in Small Claims except for the appeal, so give a good and professional impression.  Always address the Judge as “Your Honor”.  Be polite and professional.  Answer the Judge’s questions directly, clearly, respectfully and make good eye contact.  Don’t embellish and tell a big story like it is a trip to the grade school Principal’s office.  Don’t argue with the other side before, during, or after court.  Be brief and be respectful if you do need to speak with the other side.

Click Here For an LA County Page on exactly how to choose which county and in which Courthouse to file your Small Claim!

Before I talk about anything else, I need to make sure that I impress upon my readers the absolute requirement that a Small Claims Plaintiff first demand payment or equitable relief from the Small Claims Defendant before they sue in Small Claims Court.  It is mandatory that you let somebody know that they owe you money or equitable relief before you sue them in Small Claims.  It is the unauthorized practice of law for me to write a Demand Letter on your behalf because I am not an attorney.  As part of a LegalShield Membership, your Attorney at your Partner Law Firm will write you a Demand Letter.  They will also advise you on any issues which might make it appropriate to sue in Limited Civil Court, or even Unlimited Civil Court.  There are quite a few reasons why it is a good thing to talk with an Attorney before filing a Small Claims Lawsuit against another person.