Unfortunate Stolen Valor – MLM done right can be THE business for a veteran

This is an unfortunate situation. – This man apparently DID steal Valor – This man may also have something very helpful to Veterans.  

It is always a “bad on you” at the very least when somebody steals valor.  This is a particularly egregious offense.  Working with a College in this manner as a visible leader within the Veteran’s Business Affairs Department this guy really should probably be sanctioned for holding himself out in the manner he has.  It is unfortunate that this is a guy who really DOES know what he is talking about with respect to the difference between a LAWFUL MLM and a PYRAMID SCHEME.

MLM has gotten a very bad name among many people.  I am no automatic supporter of people involved in ANY MLM.  I am a Bonded and Registered Legal Document Assistant with LA County.  This took a 4 year college degree and an ABA Paralegal Certificate, a $25,000 bond and a $400 registration paid to the LA County Clerk’s Office every two years.  I am a Member of the California Association of Legal Document Assistants and hold myself to a very high standard of ethics and business conduct as far as doing right by my people.

I cannot give legal advice.  Legal advice costs money because only an Attorney can give legal advice.  An attorney is paid usually $300 an hour at least.  There are these Limited Scope Representation Attorneys and they run about $120 for about a half-an hour of advice.  That is a good little deal, they provide what is called “Unbundled Legal Services” which means they will advise a client on how to handle their own legal matter.

LegalShield costs $25 a month for a Family Membership and the first main part of that is Unlimited Legal Advice Phone Calls with you Partner Law Firm!

That’s a RIP OFF??!!

You have the wrong definition of PYRAMID SCHEME!  A Pyramid Scheme is defined by the Federal Trade Commission as a business that is set up to where the people who enroll other business members are paid by the enrollment fees and monthly membership dues of the people who are paying just for the right to make sales.  LegalShield has always had a bifurcation of service and membership.  Money is made only on the sale of the Memberships.  PERIOD.

These guys are not the voice of all Veterans.  They have the law and the business concepts wrong about MLM.  They have the fact that this guy is committing Stolen Valor right.  Good on you for that.  It is just that you are logrolling together an issue you are right about and arguing against a whole variety of business activities within which MANY Veterans have a whole ton of success.

I am a veteran.  I scored in the 99th percentile on the ASVAB.  I graduated 3rd in my class from Tank Mechanic Training on Fort Knox with the Marine Corps.  I have a College Degree.  I have a Paralegal Certificate.  I have the ability to think about what I get into as an independent critical thinker.  I make sure my facts and the law I talk about are correct before I speak wrongly about things.  I think all the vim and vigor of some of the Stolen Valor people (BUDS 131 fucking obviously not included) causes them not to think getting the REST of the facts straight is not important.

Dang.  Maybe instead of taking my link to this blog down you should call Texas and suggest they replace this Stolen Valor Individual with me, James F. Polk.  I do my job right.  No real flies on you in general, it’s just that MLM is what people make of it, especially LegalShield.

-James F. Polk

oh, p.s. I absolutely detest some LegalShield Associates.  Especially the guy who was rejoicing on stage about  how his daughter didn’t have to do 10 years in prison for murder because she ended a man’s life but was not “technically drunk” and only had “proteins” in her liver which did not categorize as intoxicated under the State Statute of DUI.  This is a thing that happens at law, but should never be celebrated and really has nothing to do with LegalShield, as much as a pompus jackass who LegalShield itself Corporately should not allow on stage talking about this situation period, let alone the way he does.  I flew all the way to Oklahoma and the training was good.  People are stupid as shit a lot of the time, but I know what I am doing.  I really hate a whole ton of people in LegalShield, don’t get me wrong.  It is just that for my people who are salt of the earth.  The $25 monthly is a Godsend given what they receive.  It has to be represented the right way.

Thank you my Sisters and Brothers.  Hopefully this BLOG post gets read.

LCpl Polk.

p.s.  a big part of what I do is build websites for Process Servers and Legal Document Assistants like myself and Notaries.  People who cannot give legal advice.  They oftentimes have the ability to just mention the $25 LegalShield Memberships to a person who simply needs legal advice, and it is a Godsend.  I help people showcase their work and link out properly to LegalShield pages.  www.documatic.website is the website building page of mine.  I pay a $400 referral fee to people who send me paying clients who need websites.  Send me an email jfpolk@gmail.com with a person who wants a website and I will pay you if they buy one.  The cost is $1000 to setup and $100 monthly.  They definitely DO NOT HAVE TO DO LEGALSHIELD!   There is a free RocketLawyer option too.  www.myForm.shop is my page on how to make your own Law Website for FREE!

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