wait 30 days to ask for payment on a judgment video

Wait 30 days to ask for payment on a judgment.  This is a let sleeping dogs lie blog post.  Let me explain.

It is a good idea not to ask a Judgment Debtor to pay until 30 days have elapsed since the receipt of Notice of Entry of Judgment.  The reason for this is because it will remind the Judgment Debtor to take the possible action they have at their disposal during those 30 days.  This means that if you are the Judgment Creditor of a Contested Judgment (Defendant showed up at court and fought and they lost and you were given a judgment) the Judgment Debtor can appeal the Small Claims Judgment within 30 days of receipt of notice of judgment.  This also means that if you are a Judgment Creditor of a Default Judgment (Judgment was awarded to you because Defendant did not show up) then the judgment debtor can petition to have the judgment set aside.  If either of these things happen, you will not be able to enforce a judgment unless you are still the judgment creditor after the appeals process or unless you file a new complaint and win in the instance of a set aside default judgment.

It is sort of the idea that we let sleeping dogs lie.  Not that the law is a big psych game per se, but this is kind of a psychological technique in reverse.  Let the little bit of dejection set is and allow it to cause your judgment debtor to give up rather than to appeal or to petition to have the default set aside.  It’s just a good idea not to remind them.  They might be trying to put it on the back burner in their mind and are not currently dealing with it.

Check out this Superior Court of CA, County of Los Angeles brief page to help you with judgments.

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