Why LegalShield is Great!

This is why LegalShield is great.

As a Legal Document Assistant I cannot give legal advice.  The $20 LegalShield membership gives members unlimited legal advice phone calls with their Partner Law Firm.  Unauthorized practice of law statutes exist in all 50 states to protect the consumer.  The law these days is very complex and the nuanced intricacies really take time to learn.  I have a 4 year college degree in Religion from California Lutheran University and my Paralegal Certificate from the University of San Diego’s ABA curriculum approved program.  I am bonded and registered with LA County as Individual LDA Registrant #2017038148.  I cannot give legal advice.  Everything on my website is informational in nature.  I can help you complete forms, but there are many reasons why to also talk with an attorney for advice and consultation before beginning work on a document package.

Small Claims Legal Advice Can Only be Given by an Attorney

What I do as a Legal Document Assistant is provide you with self-help services at your specific direction.  I have information on the basic processes of Small Claims and Enforcement of Judgment on this website and I can also email you a copy of the CALDA Small Claims Brochure.  The attorneys at CALDA make these brochures available to us the member Legal Document Assistants for our clients.  I cannot make the brochure automatically downloadable as per the organizational rules of CALDA, but if you email me at James@SmallClaims.LA and ask me to email you the CALDA Small Claims Brochure, I will be more than happy to provide you with a copy. I cannot however give you legal advice.  Legal advice can only be given by a licensed attorney.  I suggest the limited scope in the side column of this and all my site’s pages, or becoming a LegalShield Member.  For $20 monthly LegalShield Members receive unlimited legal advice phone calls as one of the benefits of membership.  This benefit alone is worth the entire $20.  I have a 14 minute video you can watch for more information about LegalShield at www.JamesPolk.US.

I focus on Small Claims and Enforcement of Judgment document completion and filing.

I get to a certain point in explaining how different legal processes work and beyond that I know that I would be crossing the line from basically true published legal information into the realm of advice.  I define legal advice as applying my unaided human intellect to giving a tailored answer as to the path or strategy that another person should specifically follow in dealing with their legal issue.

I blog about hypotheticals.

The difference is that my hypotheticals are not in response to another person telling me their story and asking me what they should do.  If you have spoken with me on the phone, I have probably said something like this to you, “as an LDA, I complete and file the court forms that you request.  To contact me you can click the file claim/contact button on my website www.SmallClaims.LA.

If you need more information you can read through the how to pages and watch the videos on my site.

Some are written and made by me, some are produced by government agencies and employees.  All are basically legally and factually true.  If you want to talk with an attorney, I recommend an excellent limited scope representation attorney in LA who charges around $150 for a half an hour consultation with advice.

Another option is a LegalShield Membership for around $20 a month.

A LegalShield Membership gives you unlimited advice phone calls to your Partner Law Firm and if you wish to have them represent you in limited civil court rather than suing in small claims as a self-represented litigant, they provide you with a 25% Preferred Member Discount off of already discounted LegalShield Partner Law Firm prices.  There is no better way to find affordable legal representation other than finding a friend or family member to do pro bono work.  My Legal Shield hubsite where you can purchase LegalShield from me is www.LegalShield.com/hub/jamespolk.  You can contact me for help in completing and filing any forms the attorneys advise you to file.  Don’t forget to watch the 14 minute video at www.JamesPolk.US for more information about LegalShield.


James F. Polk

LA County Ind. LDA Reg. 2017038148

LegalShield Independent Associate

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