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This page is all resources for process servers.

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This is a list of links that are very useful for people looking to start businesses as process servers.  I have them here because they are all slightly different.  I can’t really recommend any of the software packages over any of the other ones.  I really like Tony Klein’s book on process serving in California.  Everything I have learned about Process Serving has come from this 150 page paperback manual.  He sends out an update every year.  He runs the Process Server Institute for California Process Servers.

NAPPS is the National Association of Professional Process Servers.  I plan on using as a process serving utility myself.  They seem the most comprehensive.  My goal is to add Process Serving to my current set of Legal Document Assistance Services here in California, but currently I am still focused on my LDA work with an eye on becoming a Process Server.  I currently just hire Process Servers, and will continue to because I am not ubiquitous, we all need a network if we want to cover a larger area with what we do.

I am currently a member of CALDA, the California Association of Legal Document Assistants, and am working on a comprehensive Professional Association called the National Association of Online Legal Document Professionals as an umbrella for all of the work I have been doing with different Legal Service Professionals of different types. is the website for that.

I sell the for $1000 and offer a $400 referral fee.  It is a big networking tool for me because the $400 referral is hard to ignore.  You can see what it is that goes into a on, a free utility for building the same kind of websites that I build out for people.

Process Server Resources:

Professional Associations, etc.

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